We are a relaxed husband and wife team

Berkshire wedding photographer & videographer team.

We put storytelling, emotion, and beauty at the centre of everything we create.

A wedding is one of the few occasions where all your loved ones will gather in one place to celebrate such a special occasion. For many people, it is one of the most memorable days of their lives, and as any married couple will tell you, it will pass you by in an instant.

Our appreciation for the value of memories drives our approach as wedding photo and filmmakers. We aim to deliver something that you will cherish as a true reflection of your wedding day.

That is why we strive to capture all those lovely moments that occur naturally, without interfering or staging anything.

Are you looking for a wedding photo and video team that will capture your wedding in an unobtrusive but elegant way?

Do you want beautiful candid portraiture of yourselves and your guests without having to put your celebrations on hold to stage moments? 

Do you love the idea of having the full story of your wedding captured in a stunning film that is likely to bring you to tears every time you watch it? 

We aim to deliver something as genuine and unique as you are, we have worked together capturing weddings around the globe and its what we adore.

If you would like to hear more about our style and approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Featured Weddings

Hedsor House Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when asked to work as the Hedsor House wedding photographer for this beautiful Buckinghamshire wedding. I have visited and shot in and around the grounds of Hedsor House before as part of a wedding photography workshop. I was instantly charmed by the look and feel of this venue, it has been a place I have wanted to shoot at for some time. Hedsor House is a stunning Georgian stately home perched within the beautiful and vast Hedsor Park. It has immaculate gardens and views...

Bedfordshire Wedding Photographer

Bedfordshire Wedding Photographer

I love a rustic wedding, which is why I was delighted to be commisioned as the Bedfordshire Wedding Photographer at this gorgeous farm wedding. Being greeted in the morning by a bride and groom made of hay and one of the biggest bunch of smiles I have ever seen from a...

Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Surrey, as one of my favourite counties to shoot, I was genuinely excited to have been commissioned as the Wotton House Wedding Photographer for Lee and Ghim's beautiful autumn wedding. Although I had my fingers firmly crossed for some beautiful September sun, the...

Lansdowne Club Wedding Photographer

Lansdowne Club Wedding Photographer

Nothing beats working as a Landsdowne Club Wedding Photographer on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the British summer. London calls to me as a photographer, it seems no matter which direction I point my lens there is always an exciting moment waiting to be...

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“We are so glad we decided to work with Josh his relaxed approach and the guidance he provided us made sure we got the fantastic shots we wanted”

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