A Weekend In Beautiful Venice

I wanted to experience what it would be like to work as a Venice Wedding Photographer. It was my wife’s birthday, my mother was in the country and available as a babysitter, and we hadn’t done anything remotely resembling a date for over a year. I believe we were very much due to a trip to Venice for some sun, sights, seafood, pinot grigio and some stunning Venice Photography. We took a late night flight on Friday night so didn’t arrive on the island until around 11 pm. When we jumped off the ferry, it initially felt like we had entered into an abandoned medieval ghost town. It soon got busier as we attempted to navigate the narrow alleys to locate our hotel amused by the fact google maps had less clue of how to get there than we did. After walking around the approximate vicinity of our hotel for what felt like hours, encountering multiple deadends and waking up locals with the sounds of me dragging my suitcase, we finally arrived at the entrants of our hotel. We were staying at the Hotel Castello, it was a reasonably inexpensive hotel very close to Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square).

We didn’t put too much thought into our hotel for this trip as the plan was to spend as little time as possible in the room. We were flying back to the UK on Sunday, so the idea was to see, eat, drink, and of course photograph as much of what Venice had to offer as possible. Whenever I like the idea of shooting at a destination I always try to visit first, I have wanted to work as a Venice Wedding Photographer ever since seeing the countless stunning images of a destination wedding on the island pop up on my Instagram feed. After dropping off our bags, we headed straight out to find some Italian food and drink. Although it seemed that almost everywhere was already closed, we did manage to stumble upon a lovely little bar/restaurant that was still just about open. After a quick plea with the barman, he was more than willing to welcome us in for some food, a bottle of wine and a couple of spritzes, before we retreated to our hotel for some well-needed rest.

The next day we woke up eager to tick that typical tourist’s box of spending eighty euros for a forty-minute ride on one of Venice’s famous gondolas. After searching around the canals for a while and exploring countless incredible locations ideal for a Venice Wedding Photographer, we decided to head to the shoreline just off St Mark’s Square where we saw that lots of hire companies are located. The gondola tour in Venice mid-morning in peak season has to have been the most romantic traffic jam I have ever been stuck in. We both thoroughly enjoyed seeing the city from the canals and were very impressed with the subtle singing of our gondoliers.

Following a full day exploring the city, eating Italian seafood, drinking Italian wine and chasing the sunset through the labyrinth that is the city of Venice, we wanted to end the day in St Marks Square. By the time we arrived, it must have been high tide as the square was almost completely flooded. The flooding in St Mark’s square perfectly reflected the stunning architecture except in the spots of ripples caused by elderly Italians dancing in the water. The relaxing music of the restaurant bands added to the vibrant atmosphere from people thoroughly enjoying good food and drink. This scene made us fall entirely in love with the city, though it is very busy and packed full of tourists there are still plenty of opportunities to experience the beauty of Venice undisturbed by the crowds.



a Venice street scene