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Creating photographs and video has been our shared passion as long as we can remember.

We owe some of my most memorable experiences to our pursuit of stunning imagery.

I’m josh

the photographer

My aim is always to connect with the couples I work with and understand the details that will make their day unique and special to them. I am passionate about documenting the events of the wedding as they unfold naturally and believe the candid shots of loved ones just being themselves will evoke a more genuine emotion in years to come.

Although I consider myself a documentary wedding photographer at the core, I always find time to spend with the newlyweds to produce some intimate and unique couples portraits that can make beautiful prints or a full-page spread in a wedding album. I aim for perfection in my work which of course is very subjective in any art form. My measure of success has and will always be the couple’s reaction when I deliver their images.

I feel very fortunate to work as a Wedding Photographer. No other job would give me the joy I get knowing a that I have delighted the couples I work with by the images I deliver, and I keep this in mind throughout every wedding I shoot.

I’m shiela

the videographer

I love weddings and capturing them and producing a stunning film that tells the story of the day is my dream job. I work in a way that is unobtrusive and subtle but am never afraid to get in amongst the action to ensure I can deliver the very best footage from the day.

My approach is very similar to my husbands in that I aim to capture the real moments of connection and emotion with as little interference as possible. Although the work I have done in journalism and media was rewarding, nothing compares to the reaction and response I receive for my wedding videos.

Knowing my wedding videos will be cherished forever and will be looked back on for years to come encourages me to shoot and edit videos that will wow my customers. I avoid trends and aim to produce a short film that will maintain its elegance and withstand the test of time.

A Very Remote Wedding

Before having the opportunity to photograph a traditional Aeta wedding, I had only really heard and read about the Aeta in the context of the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991. They are an indigenous group who are said to be the first settlers in the Philippines, and many of them are still living a somewhat traditional lifestyle in remote areas of Northern Luzon. We were planning a trip to the Philippines throughout December anyway. Via a contact at the Aeta foundation, we were delighted to...

A Short Stay on Railay

A Short Stay on Railay

South-east Asian beaches, not at all Christmassy but my daughter is still young enough for that not to matter too much. I am always happy when I'm on the beach, and Railay West and Pranang Beach are so beautiful, Shishi (my wife) had to drag me away...

A Trip Through the Province

A Trip Through the Province

On our recent trip to the Philippines, we decided to head into the provincial area where my wife had grown up and spend a couple of days exploring. I can't get enough of travelling in the rural areas of the Philippines. The people are always friendly, and it feels...

A Weekend In Beautiful Venice

A Weekend In Beautiful Venice

I wanted to experience what it would be like to work as a Venice Wedding Photographer. It was my wife's birthday, my mother was in the country and available as a babysitter, and we hadn't done anything remotely resembling a date for over a year. I believe we were very...

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