A Very Remote Wedding

Before having the opportunity to photograph a traditional Aeta wedding, I had only really heard and read about the Aeta in the context of the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991. They are an indigenous group who are said to be the first settlers in the Philippines, and...

Bisham Abbey Wedding Photographer

What a day it was working as a Bisham Abbey Wedding Photographer for this beautiful winter wedding in Buckinghamshire. It provided everything a photographer dreams of for a wedding day. A stunning church with a backdrop of stormy skies coupled with a...

Bisham Abbey Wedding Photographer

A Short Stay on Railay

I am always happy when I’m on the beach, and Krabi Island, Ao Nang and Pranang Beach are so beautiful Shishi (my wife) had to drag me away kicking and screaming when it was time to leave for our flight back to Bangkok

A Trip Through the Province

On our recent trip to the Philippines, we decided to head into the provincial area where my wife had grown up and spend a couple of days exploring. I can't get enough of travelling in the rural areas of the Philippines.

Josh Ryan on the front of a boat in the philippines

A Weekend In Beautiful Venice

It was my wife's birthday, my mother was in the country and available as a babysitter, and we hadn't done anything remotely resembling a date for over a year. I believe we were very much due to a trip to Venice